If you’re having a tree removed from your property, then perhaps you are also considering having the stump removed. While it is possible to leave the stump in the ground, there are several reasons why it is best to have it removed. The remaining stump can be the source of new sprouts, which will rob other garden plants of precious nutrients. If the stump is dead, this can lead to the development of fungus or various root diseases, not to mention attracting various wood-boring insects, putting the health of your other plants and trees at risk. Aesthetically speaking, tree stumps can take up precious space and are a bit of an eyesore and a nuisance in an otherwise bright and lovely garden. They can also be an unnecessary obstacle when mowing the lawn.

Even though tree stumps can be quite cumbersome and heavy, a professional tree surgeon from Claytons Tree Services can assess your particular tree stump and remove it by grinding it away with stump grinding machine, or simply uproot it. Stump grinding is very effective and removal goes all the way down to the root, ensuring that the tree will not be able to grow back. Some stumps are removed easier than others; the level of difficulty depends on the size, age, and type of tree. However, any stump can be removed at any time, so there’s no need to wait! Give us a call today and have your unsightly tree stump removed safely and efficiently.

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