Tree Services in Great Missenden

For affordable tree services in Great Missenden and surrounding areas, look no further than Clayton’s Fencing. With years of experience, our tree surgeons are dedicated to providing a range of solutions for damaged, overgrown and unhealthy trees.

Whether you’re looking for a way to tame unruly hedges, or you have a dangerous tree that requires professional attention, we offer a full variety of tree services that will allow our clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces again.


Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on the full range of tree services we provide in Great Missenden and across the region. Whether you’re fully redesigning your garden, or require a simple neatening-up service, the Clayton’s Fencing tree surgeons are here to help. We offer:

• Tree Topping – It is important that professional tree surgeons carry out services such as tree topping, to ensure than no lasting damage is caused to the tree during the process. We will remove tree tops and large branches safely in order for you tree to remain healthy.

• Stump Grinding and Removal – An unwanted tree stump in your garden can be particularly annoying. Our Great Missenden tree surgeons will safely remove the stumps along with its supporting roots, creating an area that can be landscaped over and utilised much better.

• Hedge Removal – No matter how big or small the hedge you need removing, our tree surgeons will listen carefully to your expectations, and work to safely remove your dead or unhealthy hedges.

• Hedge Trimming – Whether you’re simply neatening the appearance of you hedges, or you would like the completely reshaped, the tree surgeons of Clayton’s can take care of it.

Why Choose Us?

If you can no longer perform general garden maintenance, or you need someone to take a look at an overgrown tree, our Great Missenden tree surgeons are friendly, professional and always work efficiently to allow you to take pride in your garden.

Our tree services focus on maintaining good health in your trees and hedges, allowing them to thrive and look luscious for years to come.

Our Great Missenden tree surgeons will also take care of any waste that is produced throughout the process, ensuring it is all collected and disposed of responsibly.


Get in Touch

Call Clayton’s Fencing today for a range of tree services in Great Missenden. Our tree surgeons are highly skilled, with no tree to big or small for them to tackle.

Please give us a call on 07785 955 633 or leave your message using our online contact form to let us know of your requirements, or to find out more about our tree surgery.

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Tree Services in Great Missenden

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