Tree Surgery

At Clayton’s Fencing, we guarantee a level of excellence that will allow your trees to flourish in their natural environment for now and future generations. We offer a range of different services that come under the tree surgery category, all at extremely competitive prices. Our promise to you is to provide the best tree care around – this means that you can rest assured knowing that safety and the well-being of your trees is our number one priority.



Whether your trees are located on your domestic or commercial land, our team are happy to visit your premises to examine the health of your tree and also provide a consultation.

The consultation will allow us to take a look at the surroundings and work out the safest way to carry out the required job. It also allows us to see whether the tree has any dangerous or dead branches that could pose a risk to our team or those within close proximity.

If a tree has dead or weak branches, it’s likely that the overall health of your tree will be at risk. Our team of expert tree surgeons will be able to identify branches that are better off removed and make recommendations on what work should be carried out.



Cutting, pruning or felling may be required for a number of reasons. It can improve the natural light in your home, extend the life of your tree and increase the safety of the objects and people around it.

If you have obstructive branches, want to improve your trees form, reduce it’s height or even thin the crown to allow new growth and better air circulation, Clayton’s Fencing can help.

We always work to prolong a tree’s life and ensure that the work is carefully planned and carried out within our strict safety guidelines. As every tree is different, we facilitate each individual customers needs, working closely with you on a case by case basis.

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