Why Choose Clayton’s of Buckinghamshire for Your Tree Services?

Why Choose Clayton’s of Buckinghamshire for Your Tree Services?

Here at Clayton’s Fencing, we are proud to offer a range of tree services to ensure our customer’s in Buckinghamshire are making the most of their outdoor spaces.

With Summer just around the corner, this time of year is perfect for neatening up your overgrown greenery, and transforming it into a space for you and your family to enjoy.

Our experienced tree surgeons always work efficiently, safely, and always clean up after themselves, providing a well-rounded tree service that is cost effective but never compromises on quality.

Here are just a few reasons to choose Clayton’s Fencing for your tree surgery in Buckinghamshire.


Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

In the current climate, it is looking like we will be spending much more time at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get outside and enjoy the nice weather during summer time.

If your overgrown trees or hedges block the sunlight, consider our tree topping and hedge trimming services.

Our tree surgeons will carry out the work, ensuring that your tree is kept in good health, but also neatening up the greenery, allowing you to enjoy the garden and your outdoor space even more.


We Tidy Up Thoroughly

We pride ourselves on always providing a safe and thorough clean-up after all of our tree services. Any waste the is produced as a result of our work will be disposed of responsibly, leaving you with a neat and tidy outdoor space that won’t require any further tidying from you.

This ensures that you and your family are able to get out in the garden and start absorbing that all-important sunshine.


Services We Offer

Here at Clayton’s Fencing, we are proud to offer a full range of tree services for you garden in Buckinghamshire:

Tree Topping – Our professional tree surgeons will remove tree tops safely, removing large branches or trunks where necessary, in a way that won’t cause lasting damage to the tree’s health.

Stump Grinding and Removal – An unwanted tree stump can be a real eye sore and won’t reflect well on your company. Our tree surgery will remove the stump and its supporting roots, improving the appearance of your outdoor space and creating a patch of land that can easily be landscaped.

Hedge Removal – Perhaps there is a hedge that is beginning to get in the way and making your property look a mess. We are able to take care of unruly hedges for you. Our tree surgeons can remove hedges of all shapes and sizes.

Hedge Trimming – If you don’t wish for an entire hedge to be removed, we also provide hedge trimming services, which will neaten up the entire exterior appearance of your premises. We perform all our services to ensure your plants are shaped in a way to receive the right amount of sunlight to keep them healthy.


Get in Touch

If you are ready to get your garden looking summer-ready, Clayton’s Fencing offers a full range of affordable tree services in Great Missenden and across Buckinghamshire.

If you have any questions about our tree surgery, or any of our other services, feel free to contact a member of the team either on 07785 955 633 or through our online enquiry form.